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2023 - Staying stronger for longer: Dairy nutrition for all South Africa

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2022 - Matrix Explained: Health benefits Beyond Individual Nutrients

Do you know what the food matrix is? Or that the physical and nutritional structure of food affects how it is digested and
used by the body? Learn more about the food matrix and how it works in dairy products by watching the recording of this webinar hosted by the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA on 9 November 2022.

An important insight from current research is that food is more than the sum of its nutrients. The concept of the food
matrix suggests that the nutritional and health effects of a food are due to both its structure and its nutrient composition
and, in turn, also their interaction. In the case of dairy products, the dairy matrix has been shown to have a positive effect
on overall health. For example, although dairy foods contain saturated fatty acids, the intake of dairy foods is not linked to cardiovascular disease and could even contribute to reducing cardiovascular disease in some cases.

In recent years, the focus of nutrition science has therefore shifted from nutrients to whole foods – because foods are
eaten as a whole and together with others. Consequently, dietary guidelines have also moved away from nutrient-based approaches in favour of advocating food-based dietary patterns.

In this webinar, Prof. Arne Astrup of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark, and Prof. Renée Blaauw of the Human
Nutrition Division, University of Stellenbosch, unpacks the science behind the food matrix as it applies to dairy and explain how it affects overall health.

Recording of the Dairy matrix explained webinar
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