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Health Professionals
Consumer Education Project of Milk South Africa
The Project aims to convey the health and nutritional benefits of dairy

The Consumer Education Project (CEP) is an initiative of Milk South Africa (Milk SA). Milk SA is a voluntary, non-profit company set up to promote the development of the dairy industry. Its’ members are Milk Producer’s Organisation (MPO) and South African Milk Processors Organisation (SAMPRO). The Project is multidisciplinary as it uses expert knowledge from different disciplines that is communicated to the target audiences through television, social media, digital media, radio and print. A combination of sound scientific information and good understanding of consumer behavior anchors the The Project conveys messages that cannot be communicated adequately through digital and conventional media

Identity & Logo

The logo and the trademarks reflect what we are all about. Each of the three parts of the heart represents a
dairy product, it can be explained as follows:

Blue Logo

The blue circle is a glass of milk viewed from above.

Amber Logo

The orange wedge represents a piece of cheese.

Pink Logo

The pink diamond represents a tub of yoghurt.

Heart Logo

The heart wrapped around these three icons indicates a complete whole, ‘love dairy’ it wholesome and nutritious.

Rediscover Logo

Rediscover dairy™ reminds us that dairy products are convenient, versatile and delicious – a great way to help you achieve a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and stay healthy and strong. They provide many important nutrients that are important for anything from our brains and bones to our muscles and immune system. It is convenient, versatile and taste good!

3 a dayCorrect

The 3-A-DAY™ represents the fact that a person should try to have two or three servings of dairy every day to keep you going, no matter your age.

All the above elements together provide us with the identity of the Project.

The purpose of the Project is to serve the interests of the dairy industry but also to empower consumer with
knowledge to help them make informed decisions.

The Dairy industry within South Africa
Links to Other Organisations

ADSA is the professional organisation for Registered Dietitians. There are eleven branches that provide dietitians with the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals in their provinces. ADSA assists in the development of the dietetic profession through its comprehensive Continuing Professional Development System (CPD). The association is working towards achieving optimal nutrition for all South Africans.

ADSA’s vision is to : “Represent and develop the dietetic profession to contribute towards achieving optimal nutrition for all South Africans.”

Visit the ADSA website

The primary objective of the DSA is the promotion of the compliance of milk and other dairy products with product composition, food safety and metrology standards in the interest of the industry and the consumer. The DSA serves as an objective organisation which acts strictly according to scientific information and functions independent of commercial interests that may affect the organisation’s actions.

Visit the DSA website:

The E-classroom website was created for educators and parents to access support material to use in the classroom and at home. It provides excellent quality printable resources which can be downloaded for free for beneficiaries in South Africa.

All the material, including worksheets are aligned to the news CAPS curriculum and developed for the subject matters of: Mathematics, English, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Skills and Creative Arts. The education content is developed by teachers who are dedicated to making a difference in education. Free worksheets offer great opportunities for learners to practice key skills and are easy to use.

This initiative is open to all primary schools in South Africa and internationally as: “We believe that every child has a right to education.”

Visit the E-classroom website:

The SASDT is an active society whose primary objective is to promote and encourage technological and scientific advancement amongst our members who are key role players in our national dairy industry. Through our annual national symposium along with regular regional meetings held by each division, we successfully communicate new trends and updates on technical issues of benefit to our local dairy industry.

Visit the SASDT website:

Osteoporosis is a lifestyle disease and prevention is the best cure. No state funding is provided for the vital preventative work which NOFSA is performing. The foundation therefore depends on the generosity of support from the private and corporate sectors to make a noise and to educate.

Our vision is to “Improve the quality of life for those suffering with osteoporosis, by making the diagnostic tools available. To allow everyone suffering with osteoporosis access to medications that will prevent their first fractures. To support the research about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, thereby preventing or lessening the serious socio-economic impact of this disease in South Africa”

Visit the NOFSA website:


The IDF represents the global dairy sector and ensures the best scientific expertise is used to support high quality milk and nutritious, safe and sustainable dairy products.

Our vision is simply that: “Everybody can derive well-being from high quality milk”

We are committed to furthering current knowledge on a wide range of issues, including environment and sustainable development, health and nutrition, methods of analysis, farm management, animal health and welfare, dairy science and technology, food hygiene and safety, food standards, dairy policies and economics, and marketing.

Visit the IDF website:

Global Dairy Platform leads the development of a collaborative, unified approach on common industry issues and the nurturing of innovative research so that consumers value milk and dairy products as naturally nutritious, enjoyable and an essential part of a healthy diet. Our membership of CEOs, executives and researchers from corporations, communication and scientific bodies work in partnership to align and support the dairy industry in the promotion of sustainable dairy nutrition.

Their Mission is: “To align and support the dairy industry to promote sustainable dairy nutrition.”

Visit the GDP website:

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