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The cheese products listed include:

• Cottage cheese (full-fat)
• Cottage cheese (fat-free)
• Cream cheese
• Ricotta cheese
• Cheddar cheese
• Gouda cheese
• Mozzarella cheese
• Full-fat processed cheese
• Medium fat processed cheese spread
• Feta
• Brie
• Camembert
• Blue cheese

Nutritional composition tables for other dairy products which are available in this section are:

Yoghurt, buttermilk and maas

Butter and cream

Full-cream milk: Fresh, UHT, Sterilised, Milk powder – reconstituted, Commercial flavoured – listed below

Low-fat milk: Fresh, UHT, Milk powder – reconstituted, Commercial

Skimmed milk: Fresh, UHT, Milk powder – reconstituted, Commercial flavoured

Other Milk products

Notation for the tables:


Nutrient Composition of Cheese

Nutrient Composition of Cheese


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