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Pippa Mullins

Registered dietitian BSc DIET; PG DIP DIET (UN); PG DIP Sports Nutr (IOC) Practice: MME Dietitians

What about supplements? Is it vital or is it a foe?

A supplement is useful if the athlete cannot include certain foods or food groups in their diet for reasons such as allergies, intolerances etc. However, they are not essential. Sports supplements such as shakes, recovery drinks, gels, bars etc. are often more convenient for the athlete when used correctly, however even these are not always necessary. Continue reading
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Jompie Burger
Jompie Burger

Dairy Standard Agency

Jompie Burger from the Dairy Standard Agency

Jompie Burger is the Managing Director of the Dairy Standard Agency (DSA), an independent non-profit organisation which primary objective is to promote dairy quality (product composition) and safety in the interest of the industry and the consumer.