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Nicki de Villiers

Registered Dietitian BDietetics (UP) Postgrad Dipl Hosp Dietetics (UP) Postgrad Dipl Sport Nutr (IOC) Private practise: HPC – University of Pretoria

How does nutrition play a role in “rest time”?

What an athlete considers as rest time is actually the time in which the body build new structures and support systems as part of the adaptation process. Sure you want your body to do the best work it can, therefore what you give the body (through food), can determine the quality of the work that the body will do for you. The principles therefore would be to eat quality, fresh food with lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and dairy and keep to a regular schedule of eating. Still concentrate on adequate water intake. Now is sure not the time to give in to binge eating or junk food. A small treat here and there is not a sin, but what they say: Junk in, junk out. Continue reading
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Jompie Burger
Jompie Burger

Dairy Standard Agency

Jompie Burger from the Dairy Standard Agency

Jompie Burger is the Managing Director of the Dairy Standard Agency (DSA), an independent non-profit organisation which primary objective is to promote dairy quality (product composition) and safety in the interest of the industry and the consumer.