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Concentrated milk products

The table for low-fat milk below include the following:

Fresh milk
Sterilised milk
Milk powder – reconstituted
Commercial flavoured

Nutrient composition tables are also available for:

• Full cream milk: Fresh, UHT, Milk powder – reconstituted, Commercial flavoured, Goat milk
• Fat-free Milk: Fresh, UHT, Milk powder – reconstituted, Commercial flavoured
• Other Milk products

Notation for the tables:

Lactose = Total sugars
Folic acid = Folate
Fluorine = Fluoride
Vitamin D values are best estimates, as reported in either IU or 4g. 1 IU = 0.0254g
Reconstituted milk powder – calculated as 30g / 250ml

Nutrient composition for Milk Products,

Dairy composition tables

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