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Maas or Amasi is a fermented milk product with no preservatives and a cream colour. It is manufactured from full-cream pasteurised cow’s milk. Lactic acid producing microbial organisms (like with yoghurt and cheese) is added to the milk causing the milk to ferment, giving it the distinct flavour and texture associated with maas. It contains great amounts of the beneficial strains of lactobacillus and therefore have some of the recognized benefits of probiotics.

Buttermilk is made in the same way as maas, but by using a slightly different culture. Commercially made buttermilk is also called cultured buttermilk.

Maas, the slightly sour and thickened dairy drink is enjoyed just as it is or traditionally adding it to pap.

Milk in fermented form (as in maas or yoghurt) may have additional health effects. This may be related to the lower pH (acidity), which affects the rate at which the stomach is emptied and thereby reducing the glycaemic response (i.e. the effect on blood sugar). Alternatively the beneficial effects may be due to bio-active peptides present in fermented dairy. These substances have been linked to improvement of cardiovascular symptoms (e.g. high blood pressure) and of low­-grade inflammation (evident in obesity).

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