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Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is considered one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. The prevalence of DM (HbA1c>6.5%) in SA is reported to be 9.6%, while 19% of the population has impaired glucose homeostasis (HbA1c >6.1 and <6.5%). Nutrition guidelines recommended for the management of DM includes following a healthy, balanced eating plan, with the optimal combination of macronutrients individualized for carbohydrates and fat. It is advised that a variety of protein sources be consumed with a reduction in the intake of red meat, concomitant with an increase of nuts and low-fat dairy products. The daily intake of dairy products, especially low-fat options, significantly reduces the risk of developing DM and should be encouraged. Milk and dairy products have an abundance of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. The positive effects of these nutrients include its role in increasing insulin receptor expression and improving insulin sensitivity, beta-cell function, decreasing fat absorption, increasing weight loss and reducing blood. It also aids in weight loss by means of increasing the thermic effect of a meal and fat oxidation. Dairy protein specifically, such as whey protein, is known to increase satiety and lower blood pressure.

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Rediscover Dairy