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Good to know

Good to know

This section is aimed at the consumer. Read more about how dairy and dairy products can make a difference to your life and your diet.

How much dairy do you need?

Milk is good for you

People who consume dairy products daily have better nutrient intake. According to research, dairy products collectively supply four of the seven nutrients that adults struggle to obtain daily.

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Milk is where it all starts

Cows in a row being milked

Believe it or not, BUT ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS ARE MADE FROM MILK! Consider the wide variety of dairy products from plain milk, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, yoghurt, maas… so many products and its all made from just milk.

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More benefits from dairy nutrients

Nutrition and dairy

The calcium obtained from three servings of dairy a day have many other health benefits. It increases resistance to allergies, is good for athletes, helps the fight against diabetes, combat high blood pressure and can help you loose weight.

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Why dairy nutrients are good for you


This map of the body helps you to understand the various benefits that are associated with consumption of dairy.

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Bone Health

Dairy helps build strong muscles

Calcium is a mineral found in all dairy products. Calcium is a major component of bone and is needed to build and maintain strong bones.

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 Consumer Downloads


Go here for consumer downloads that you can print out.

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