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Industry Matters

Industry Matters

The dairy sector has one of the smallest carbon footprints per unit of animal product, with a contribution of milk production, processing & transport 2.7% of global emissions. Click here to read more. The emission intensity of milk dropped by almost 11% between 2005 & 2015. Read more about dairy in a low-carbon future: “Climate Change and the Global Diary Cattel sector” a joint report by the FAO and GDP.

The role of ruminants on climate change mitigation, which graphically illustrates the differences between emissions from biogenic methane from ruminants and fossil fuels CO2.

Read here how the dairy farmers in South Africa are our eco-warriors:

Farm videos of the 4 finalists of the MPO Nedbank Stewardship Awards 2019 showcasing sustainable farming practices on dairy farms in South Africa.

The MPO Nedbank Stewardship Award, supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature, recognises dairy farmers who are excellent stewards of their product, the people and animals on the farm, and the environment, whilst farming profitably. The competition was stiff, but Berning walked off with the accolade in the end. The video’s below gave an overview of the highlights and the unique approach at each farm. They shared, with us, their values, as they are living out in terms of being good stewards of their natural, social and financial resources.

Sandra Berning:   “ The judges found that Berning’s cow and milking management, in particular, inter-calving period and cow longevity, was top notch. With virtually no calf mortalities, and all the environmental stewardship boxes ticked, she sets a high standard.

 James Kean

 Gavin Beaumont

Rohan Herselman

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