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Project News

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 The dietitian, Maretha Vermaak, talks on Groot Onbyt/FM about the National Nutrition and Obesity Week 2019. The theme for the NNOW of 2019 is, Make eating whole foods a way of life. Maretha Vermaak shares the nutritional role of dairy in a healthy diet. Milk, as part of the FBDG of SA, is a great example of nutritious whole food.

Health professional Dairy Day seminar

On 23 August 2019, the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA hosted its popular biennial industry seminar day for dietitians and nutritionists at Durbanville Hills. In keeping with the aim of sharing new research on dairy health and nutrition with health professionals, the seminar focused on the role of dairy in sustainable nutrition.  

An expert presenter panel shared key insights into dairy as part of a sustainable dietary pattern. Professor Friede Wenhold of the University of Pretoria presented dairy as a unique whole food for the future, and was supported by dietitian Abby Courtney, who explained what makes dairy an essential part of a sustainable diet. Dr Stephan Peters, nutritionist of The Dutch Dairy Organisation, joined in via webinar from The Hague and shared a practical approach to understanding how food choices influence sustainable nutrition. In the last presentation of the day, Dr Jonathan Whitt explained the ethics behind the recently published EAT–Lancet report.

The group of 50 delegates later visited the Welgegund Farm of Fair Cape Dairies, where Dr Colin Olhoff discussed what sustainable dairy farming means practically and described Fair Cape’s initiatives to recycle plastic packaging. The presentation was followed by a farm tour during which delegates could see the principles in action.

Delegates’ positive feedback and enthusiastic participation at the seminar again affirms the valuable role of the CEP in promoting the goodness of dairy.

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