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Dairy webinars

Dairy Webinars

REDISCOVERDAIRY: Build with milk, the road to recovery (Nicki de Villiers RD)

Presentation at Allsports Coaches Workshop. Nicki de Villiers is a registered Dietitian with 23 years of experience with a special interest in sports nutrition. Her private practice is situated at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria with a satellite office in Garsfontein. Head dietititian at the High Performance Center at University of Pretoria consulting to various sport academies, Olympic athletes and visiting teams. Part-time lecturer at University of Pretoria in the departments of human nutrition, sport science, physiology, medicine and biokinetics.

REDISCOVERDAIRY: Dairy’s new consumer culture

This webinar will be focused on the youth of South Africa – Millennials and Generation Z, and how they fit dairy into their busy lives. It’ll also focus on their digital behaviour and the big question of, “is TV still relevant in South Africa”?

Webinar speakers:

Lauren Rheeders: 
Lauren is an award-winning strategic planner at FoxP2, a role in which she identifies how brands can stand apart from competitors whilst remaining relevant and top of mind for consumers. She will focus on the relevance of dairy among Generation Z and Millennials.

Elsa Carpenter-Frank:
Elsa is a Director at Let’s Be Frank Media Consultancy. She will unpack how you can keep up with the audience digital behaviour and investigate whether TV is still relevant to our market

Sizwe Mbebe:
Sizwe is the Social Media Manager at FoxP2. He will focus on how to keep up with our audiences’ digital behaviour, social media in SA, and Dairy Gives You Go campaigns.

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