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What is the difference between ‘protein milk’ and protein supplements?

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‘Protein milk’ is milk with added milk protein – it contains 5% protein compared to 3.5% in ordinary milk.

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‘Protein milk’ is milk that contains additional milk protein (made up of 80% casein and 20% whey). This increases the protein content to approximately 5% compared with the 3.5% protein of plain milk. Unless other additional ingredients (such as flavourants) have been added, ‘protein milk’ has a similar nutrient profile to plain milk. Any additional ingredients will be shown in the ingredients list.

In contrast, protein supplements are usually supplied in powdered form and have to be mixed with other foods. There are many different protein supplements available on the market. Those that provide milk protein may be either an isolate or a concentrate of casein or whey. An isolate form provides only the specified protein constituent, whereas a concentrate form may include additional ingredients.

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