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What can I do to ensure good muscle health?

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Resistance exercise such as weight training and brisk walking and  consuming high-quality protein are vital to prevent sarcopenia.

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Maintaining our muscle strength is essential to prevent sarcopenia. Exercise and getting enough good-quality protein are key for keeping muscles strong and healthy. Resistance exercise, which involves weight bearing or impact, is the best type of exercise to stimulate muscle growth. Examples include brisk walking, running, lifting weights or step aerobics.

A balanced diet that includes sufficient protein is also needed. Animal-based foods such as dairy, lean meat, poultry, fish and eggs are the richest sources of these proteins, with legumes such as beans and lentils also providing some protein. Milk proteins obtained from dairy products have a high biological value and quality. Whey and casein proteins ensure a sustained availability of amino acids (protein components). The amino acid leucine in milk is particularly important for building muscle.

Apart from focusing only on the quality of the protein we consume, we also have to consider the timing of protein intake. The best approach is to spread our intake across the day, rather than concentrating a larger amount at one meal. This allows the body to sustain the amount of protein active muscles need throughout the day.

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