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What are the benefits of dairy protein?

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  • Dairy protein is a ‘complete’ protein because it contains all the essential amino acids.
  • It promotes gut function and prevents sarcopenia.
  • It promotes satiety, which helps with weight management.
  • It is a popular recovery drink after exercise.
  • Dairy protein also ensures bone health.

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  • The protein in dairy is considered a ‘complete’ protein as it contains all of the essential amino acids (building blocks) used during growth and repair. As such dairy protein helps to build and repair muscle tissue, supports movement, structure and growth of the body, helps with nutrient transport in the blood and across cell membranes, and contributes to immune function.
  • The protein in dairy further also helps to strengthen the function of the gut and its associated microflora, contributes to cell messaging and helps to prevent sarcopenia (age-related loss of skeletal muscle and strength).
  • Dairy protein may indirectly aid weight management through its effect on satiety and body composition. It also functions as a popular recovery drink after exercise.
  • Bone health is also related to the intake of dairy protein.
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