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What is the fat content of milk?

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Full-cream milk contains 3,4% fat, and low-fat milk contains between 1,5 and 0,5% fat. This means a cup (250 ml) of full-cream milk provides 8 g of fat; low-fat milk 4 g of fat and fat-free as little as 0,5 g of fat.

Compared to other foods: mixed nuts 54,7%, peanut butter 50,0%, crisps 36,0%, shortbread cookies 28,0%, avocado 23,5%, and boiled egg 10,3%.

NutrientsHigh-fat (%)Full-cream (%)Medium-fat %Low-fat (%)Fat-free (%)
Fat> 4,53,3–4,51,5–3,30,5–1,5< 0,5
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