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3-A-Day™ Dairy Keeps Dental Caries Away

3-A-Day™ dairy keeps dental caries away

Regular intake of milk and dairy products promotes the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and periodontal structures. Studies suggest that the observed carioprotective and cariostatic effects of dairy relate to the presence of components such as calcium, phosphate, lactose, proteins and various bioactive peptides, which act through different mechanisms to protect the teeth and maintain the underlying structures. The effects are seen across a range of dairy products, including milk, yoghurt, cheese and flavoured milk. Interesting new developments regarding the carioprotective role of probiotics in fermented dairy products are discussed and concerns about the consumption of sugar-sweetened dairy drinks such as flavoured milk are addressed in context of the low cariogenic load of lactose and the buffering capacity of calcium and phosphate in milk. Current evidence shows that regular intake of milk and other dairy products is complementary to good oral hygiene for ensuring healthy teeth and preventing dental caries.

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