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Dairy Products: Amasi: Changing Attitudes, Norms and Perceptions

Dairy products: Amasi: Changing attitudes, norms and perceptions

Amasi, also known as maas, is a traditional fermented dairy drink enjoyed by many South Africans as part of their regular diet. However, consumer research among South African dietitians showed that many are not familiar with the nutritional and health benefits of amasi. This review briefly describes how amasi is produced and offers an overview of the product’s nutritional profile. It further also introduces the nutrition practitioner to the product’s health benefits, which include eliciting a controlled glycaemic response, delivering probiotics and having a low lactose content. Similar to milk and other dairy products, amasi is also a good source of high-quality protein and other nutrients important for good health. The review concludes by suggesting easy ways for incorporating amasi into the daily diet to add nutritional value to meals, which may be specifically important to low-income households.

Maas, Amasi, inkomaas


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