The Consumer Education Project of Milk SA

World School Milk Day

World School Milk Day


21st World School Milk Day (WSMD) 2020 will be celebrated on Wednesday 30 September.

This year the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA (CEP) is celebrating WSMD by sharing information with mothers and teachers about the importance of dairy in the diet of growing children.



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20th World School Milk Day 2019 

The 20th World School Milk Day was celebrated in SA under the theme “Dairy gives you go!” with the supportive message “Building better bodies with dairy”. These messages highlight the importance of dairy in a balanced lifestyle. The Consumer Education Project of Milk SA (CEP), Milk Producers Organisation and various milk processors work together to educate, supply, and celebrate the wholesomeness of dairy among school-going children.

The Project developed educational tools to assist the teachers and engage learning. The educational material of the Project is developed in line with the school curriculum as set out by SA’s Department of Basic Education (DBE). Various topics relating to dairy farming, processing, and nutrition of dairy products in a healthy diet are elaborated on. The learners are engaged with the educational material and the school competitions themed around milk.


Thirteen schools, most of whom are rural schools in underprivileged areas, across SA were identified by the DBE-NSNP to celebrate the World School Milk Day and National Nutrition & Obesity Week during the months of September and October respectively. An additional seven schools contacted the Project to celebrate World School Milk Day in their own capacity.  Furthermore, six processors also participated and distributed the learning material of the CEP to surrounding schools in their respective vicinity.

The celebration includes fun activities throughout the day, starting with a walkathon through their local community. The day’s proceeding is followed by cultural singing, dancing and various plays and activities. The Project took the opportunity to discuss the educational material with the teachers of the various schools. The teachers were provided with a teacher’s guide, a class poster and factsheets for each learner to take home plus an activity sheet that engaged learners with the dairy message. Where required, an interpreter was used to better communicate to the school learners, in their mother tongue, the importance of dairy.

In total 275 number of teachers, guides and poster plus 10 260 number of factsheets were distributed during the month of September 2019





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