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Clinic Project


The Clinic Project, which is one element of the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA (CEP), aims to promote the well-being of consumers by communicating nutrition and the role of dairy to a particular target market. The project is aligned with the South African food-based dietary guidelines of the Department of Health (DoH) of which one of the guidelines state: Have milk, maas or yoghurt every day.

2019: Ongoing since 2014 the training of Health Promoters and Community Health Workers forms part of the CEP’s Clinic Project and takes place in different government clinics in all nine provinces. This training project aims to communicate a balanced diet including the importance of dairy in the diet of the population and demonstrates how dairy can easily be added to daily meals for added nutrient value.

Health Promotors and Community Health Workers are individuals with basic nutrition and health education who are employed by the DoH and work in government clinics. The dietitian of the CEP trains the Nutrition Advisors and Health Promotors who, in turn, educate patients and visitors on an ongoing basis at their respective government clinics. The key communication message is ‘Have milk, maas or yoghurt every day’ plus associated nutritional and health benefits of dairy as part of a healthy diet. To ensure successful uptake of the messages, CEP makes use of an organisation who specialises in communication with the target audience, to work in conjunction with the dietitian of the CEP to present the health messages in the vernacular language of the local community.

Online clinic video resources:

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      The Consumer Education Project of Milk SA

      Contact: Maretha Vermaak or Christine Leighton

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