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Facts about Dairy

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Facts about dairy

Many people make statements about dairy, but what is really true? In this section we answer the most common queries which arise in everyday discussion. We address all those common held beliefs and myths about dairy products.

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What are the benefits of using dairy?

How much milk should I drink?

Is milk suitable for everyone?

What does milk consist of?

What is pasteurisation?

How long can milk be kept?

Why does milk spoil or go sour?

How do the various milk products available on the market differ?

Is milk safe?

When will a product be considered a dairy product?

Why is cow’s milk suitable for human consumption?

How do I recognise milk allergy?

What is lactose intolerance?

What is lactose-free milk?

Can milk prevent osteoporosis?

Can milk consumption increase my cholesterol level?

Can I become overweight from using milk?