The Consumer Education Project of Milk SA

Consumer Education Project of Milk SA

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What we do

The project was formed to communicate health and nutritional messages regarding dairy products to consumers and health professionals in South Africa.

The legal stuff

The Consumer Education Project (CEP) is an initiative by Milk SA. CEP was formed under the Agricultural Marketing Act, Regulation 57, as printed in the Government Gazette of the Republic of South Africa. In this regulation the following is stated:

“From a national point of view and to promote the viability of the dairy industry, consumers should be informed of the health and nutritional advantage of milk and other dairy products. Informed consumers will not only contribute to the national well-being in respect of nutrition and health, but especially also to the viability and sound development of the dairy industry. The education will be conducted in such a way that it will not erode the marketing activities of any firm in the Dairy Industry that are aimed at differentiating its products from that of competitors.”

The project is multidisciplinary as it uses expert knowledge from different disciplines that is communicated to the target audiences through television, radio and print. A combination of sound scientific information and good understanding of consumer behaviour anchors the project. The project conveys messages that cannot be communicated adequately through conventional branded advertising.

The project is informed by

                    comprehensive market research conducted in 2007 which indicated that, although dairy is consumed by most South Africans, consumers have misconceptions and a lack of knowledge  about the role of dairy in the diet.

                    more research in 2011 regarding attitudes of consumers towards dairy products and communication.

The project aims to

                    educate consumers on the health and nutritional benefits of dairy

                    address misconceptions about dairy among consumers

                    positively change consumer behaviour with respect to dairy consumption

Elements of the project

                    Specialised communication is aimed at providing health professionals i.e. dietitians, nutritionists, doctors and nurses, with the latest scientific information on dairy nutrition and health

                    General communication is aimed at targeting consumers by communicating six key messages through television, radio, print, the digital platform and media liaison

Six key messages for the consumer

                    Bone and teeth strength

                    Muscle strength

                    Growth, especially for children

                    Dairy can form part of a kilojoule restricted diet

                    Dairy is lower in fat than you think

                    Dairy contains many nutrients

Office building

Our contact details

Tel: (+27) 012 991 4164

Fax: (+27) 012 991 0878

Dairy CEP, PO BOX 36332

Menlo Park, 0102


Where to find us



Old Farm Office Park – Block C

881 Old Farm Road

Faerie Glen

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